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Associate in Business Administration (ASBA) program is designed for ambitious professionals like you, to enhance your expertise, command higher wages, and make a significant impact in the competitive job market worldwide.

Vision & Purpose

Elevate your career and expand your expertise with BIU’s Master of Business Administration program. Tailored to provide a solid foundation in essential business areas, our program goes beyond theory, equipping you with practical skills in management, leadership, and administration. Prepare yourself for success in the global job market as our comprehensive curriculum empowers you with the knowledge and capabilities to thrive in diverse professional roles.



The MBA program caters to driven professionals seeking to delve into the business world, equipping them with advanced skills to become innovative leaders and decision-makers.
Visionaries interested in occupying positions in administrative and management areas in companies with global competition.


Our rigorous training program equips you with the knowledge, skills, and qualifications that set you apart from others in the field. These advantages position you for success and increases your chances of excelling in your career.

Gain knowledge in Finance; Marketing; Accounting; Economics; Politics; Environmental Studies; Project Management; Human Resource Management; Information Systems Management; Business and Financial Mathematics; Software Applications; Administrative and Operational Areas; English Composition; College Algebra; Introduction to Philosophy; Statistical Foundations of Companies; Microcomputer Software Applications for Business And Economics;, Business Principles; Business Calculation; Finance Principles; Marketing Principles;, Principles of Economics I And II; Financial Accounting; Introduction to Digital Marketing; Principles of Management; Management Accounting; Introduction to Management Information Systems; Introduction to Project Management; Financial Mathematics; Managerial Finance, Introduction to Human Resource Management; Commercial Law I – Legal Environment of Business; Principles of International Trade; International Project Management; and Leadership Fundamentals.

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ASBA Learning Objectives

  • Students will gain an understanding of ethical practices and cultural diversity, enabling you to effectively apply these insights within the global business landscape and promote responsible decision-making.

  • ASBA program delivers an all-encompassing perspective on core business disciplines, concentrating on the indispensable knowledge and competencies needed to navigate any business environment.

  • You will be able to perform and communicate effectively within a professional team environment.

  • Prepare graduates to thrive in entry-level administrative and managerial roles across diverse business sectors.


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