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Embark on a remarkable educational experience with BIU – EdD VED.

Our program is distinguished by a commitment to excellence in teaching, empowering education professionals to cultivate essential skills and leadership qualities essential for high-level roles in the field. Whether in educational administration, higher education research, or educational consulting.

Our program equips you with the expertise and resources needed to thrive. Join us in shaping the future of educational leadership at BIU – EdD VED.

Student profile

Professionals who hold a Master of Education or similar degree and wish to pursue further opportunities in career advancement in virtual teaching, including senior executive positions in the research sector and consultancies in public and private organizations of educational institutions.

Curriculum for EdD VED

  • Doctoral Program Orientation Seminar
  • E-Literacy and E-Learning
  • Sustainability and Assessment of Virtual Learning Resources
  • Research Methodology I
  • Teacher’s Challenges and Trends: Teacher or Coach?
  • Global Curriculum Design
  • Research Methodology II
  • Accessibility of Virtual Education
  • Cloud Computing in Education
  • Doctoral Seminar I
  • Copyrights and Ethics in Virtual Education
  • International Teams – Institutions Strategic Agreements
  • Evaluation in Virtual Education
  • Perspectives in Instructional Technology and Distance Education
  • Doctoral Seminar II
  • Doctoral Seminar III
  • Dissertation

Curriculum for MS VED with Concentration in Neuroscience and Education

  • Development and Integration of Technologies in Distance and Virtual Education
  • Foundations of Educational Neuroscience
  • Virtual Education and E-Learning
  • Cognitive Neuroscience and Education
  • Virtual Learning Platforms
  • Learning Environment and Diversity
  • Curriculum Design for Virtual Education
  • Neuroscience Applications to Education
  • The Psychology of Learning and Instructional Design
  • Research Methodology
  • Cloud Learning Environment, and Comparative Study
  • Thesis




Unlock new opportunities for professional growth with the flexible and convenient EdD program offered by BIU. Designed for individuals seeking to enhance their academic credentials and pursue career advancement, our program offers a 100% online learning experience providing you flexibility to learn at your own pace and the ability to balance your studies with other commitments.



Explore the implementation and utilization of current and emerging online teaching and learning technologies, aimed at enhancing the effectiveness of the learning experience for students in our rapidly evolving global society. Prepare yourself to be at the forefront of educational innovation with our focus on cutting-edge technologies in the field.

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Learning Objectives for the EdD VED Program

  • Prepare graduates for high-level leadership positions as administrators and teachers in higher education settings, education consultants, and others.

  • Ability to strategically plan and execute projects that drive positive business growth in today’s global business landscape. Our program empowers you to develop the skills and expertise needed to identify and capitalize on lucrative business opportunities, making a significant impact in the dynamic global marketplace.

  • Capacity to assess intricate ethical business scenarios and navigate associated legal considerations. Our program empowers you to make well-informed decisions and offer thoughtful recommendations through comprehensive analysis and reasoning.

  • Adeptness in managing individuals and teams within a complex business environment by applying relevant leadership concepts. Our program equips you with the skills and knowledge to effectively lead and inspire others, fostering collaboration and maximizing team performance. Develop a comprehensive understanding of leadership principles and strategies, enabling you to thrive as a capable leader in today’s dynamic business landscape.


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