Vision and Purpose

This MSCSE program provides students with theoretical background and facilitate the development of the skills necessary to design, develop, test, and maintain reliable software systems. To accomplish this objective, the curriculum has been designed to focus on high-in-demand core and emerging topics, including database design and management, programming languages, software project management tools and techniques, and more.

Student profile

Due to the multidisciplinary nature of software engineering, which combines aspects from mathematics, computer science, and engineering, this program, offered 100% online, may be particularly useful for learners who hold an undergraduate degree in information technology, computer science, engineering or similar.

Curriculum for MS CSE

  • Computer Structures
  • Professional Issues in Computing
  • Systems Analysis and Design
  • Software Engineering
  • IT Project Management
  • Management of QA and Software Testing
  • Object-Oriented Programming
  • Programming the Internet
  • Databases
  • Web XML Applications
  • Human-Computer Interaction, and Digital Citizenship
  • Thesis



Virtual environment

For individuals who wish to further their academic credentials in pursuit of career advancement, and have no way to commit to a rigid schedule, the MS CSE program, offered by BIU in a 100% online modality, may be the ideal option for receiving top quality coursework and experiencing true-to-life challenges through qualified content and representative industry-oriented applications.

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Learning Objectives for the MS CSE

Design, develop, test and maintain reliable software systems.

Demonstrate Trabar’s ability with a variety of stakeholders to understand the reason for the software and define the expected goals and results for software application.

Ability to use engineering basics flexibly in a variety of contexts.

Demonstrate the ability to work effectively as a team member and/or leader in a dynamic professional environment on a global scale.


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